$FREE on 9/1/2020 – Love & Tragedy by Janice Ross

Growing up, my older brother was best friends with Greyson Michaels and his older brother. From the moment we first met, something clicked and our lives have never been the same.
While he's tried avoiding the inevitable, I've been sending signals that seem to go unnoticed. But I have it bad for him and can't seem to shake an addiction to a guy that's overflowing with drama.
Yet life can be ironic…
When I eventually set out to be a lawyer, I never expect to be forced into working for Russian criminals or be on a suicide mission to avenge my teenager cousin after she is abducted by traffickers and tossed into a swamp more than 2,000 miles away.
And just like that, my story starts aligning with Greyson's.
We've been pushing the limits on a “thing” that can't EVER happen. Not only has he made a promise we both know he can't keep forever, Greyson is known to move in a crime infested circle and NOT the ideal man for a future lawyer in the DA's office.
But suddenly, I'm drowning and can't find an easy way out. So all that's left to do is let go and ride out the love & tragedy..

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