Tamsin Bacall

$0.99 on 4/25/2018 – Taken as His Prize by Tamsin Bacall



I’m the man in the shadows. The point that all the money leads to. I control everything in this city. Anything I want? It’s mine.

And right now I want Riley Lark.

Perfect, pale curves. Wide, vivid eyes. Full of dreams, passion, and delusions. She doesn’t even realize how gorgeous she is–or how stupid.

Her idiot fiancé owes me a great deal of money. I’m going to take his company and I’m going to take Riley. No one can stand in my way. I’ll break anyone in the world in order to possess her.

I need to get this infatuation out of me. But if I let Riley into my heart I could lose it all; myself and my empire. I won’t let that happen.

She thinks she can resist me. I’m going to claim her, use her, and break her. I’ll show her how dark the world really is, then I’ll throw her away.

This can’t be love.


I’m kidnapped and held as collateral for my bastard fiancé's debts. I've become the possession of the most dangerous man in New York, Jack Turner.

He’s like no one I’ve ever known–powerful and primordial. He wants to destroy me but I’ll resist him. He may own my body, but he’ll never break my soul.

But I betray myself each time he punishes me. Why do I crave his cruel touch? A beast like him couldn’t truly want me, could he?

No. If I fall for him then I’ll truly be broken. He says he’ll make me beg him to take me. I can’t let that happen–he can’t have my heart. I have to find a way to break him before he breaks me.

I can’t be in love.

A full length 90,000 word, standalone, very steamy romance, with no cheating and an HEA.

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