Haley Travis

$0.99 on 8/17/2023 – The Lumberjack’s Shy Girl by Haley Travis

A shy girl's nightmare come true:
Meeting a gorgeous man while accidentally topless.

Ansel's instant sweetness somehow triggers something deep inside me.
You have to admire a man who doesn't get freaked out when I mention it feels like there are squirrels running around in my guts when I get nervous.

He's the eldest Oakley brother. The wealthy tech genius.
With me, he's gentle. Encouraging.
And so sexy that I might burn up from his touch.

Ansel knows just how to nurture the heat between us slowly.
He's so gentle that it makes me want more… of everything.
Apparently, I'm not too shy to be instantly addicted to our fiery lust.

It feels like he's falling just as hard as I am.
But he doesn't think I can handle his loud family.
Doesn't think I can step up and help as they try to save their forest.

Does he think I'm not as serious and determined as he is?

I love that he treats me like a princess, but I don't want to be delicate anymore.

It's time for me to turn over a new leaf and open up.
I'll have to show him that I want him. Need him.

And I'm ready to fight those squirrels.

Acorns & Oakleys – Small town charm with four rugged brothers coming home.
The Lumberjack's Shy Girl is a steamy-sweet short instalove romance. Each book in the planned four-part series has its own HEA. They could be standalones, but it's better to read them in order.
Haley Travis books are always no-cheating, low angst, with super sweet happily ever afters.

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