dark apocalyptic romance

$FREE on 3/31/2024 – EVOLVED by Jessica Gomez

The enemy evolved. Now it’s my turn…

I was dragged into the hills by the Infected, memories of that ordeal fading into a haunting blur. Now, I find myself their captive, bewildered by the fact that they spared my life. The unknown reasons behind their mercy loom over me like a chilling specter.

As winter's merciless grip tightens, the icy landscape becomes as menacing as my captors. I'm unsure if my family presumes me dead or if they brave the snow-covered mountains in search of me. If it were Ian, I know he'd be out there, refusing to give up.

But waiting for a rescue isn't an option amidst our unpredictable foes. I must take matters into my own hands, for our enemies are too capricious to trust time or fate.

Survival demands self-rescue. To prevail, I must harness my psychic visions, evolve into a force stronger and more cunning. I must embrace a facet of myself I never imagined—ruthless determination.

The apocalypse and its monstrous offspring have taken enough from me. I refuse to relinquish anything more.

“EVOLVED,” the riveting third chapter in the Infected series, delves into a dark, adult realm of post-apocalyptic dystopia, interlacing elements of zombie romance, horror, and the paranormal within an adrenaline-fueled narrative. Join Lillie and Ian as they continue their relentless fight for a chance at happiness amidst an unforgiving world. Download now and witness their unyielding struggle for a future against all odds.

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