$FREE on 5/25/2018 – Damaged Rebel Next Door by Melissa Devenport

Imagine being the next door neighbor everyone tries to avoid. Then you have pretty much pictured Kian. Heavily tattooed with ink covering most of his muscular body, long dark hair and a full but well-trimmed beard. A lonewolf and the ultimate bad boy. But there’s much more to him than meets the eye. A lonely and scorn soul silently begging to be saved.

Separated by only a wall, her condo is placed next to his. It was such a bargain when she bought it just a year ago and she couldn’t understand why. A few roaring motorcycles and late-night-escapades later and it all began to make perfect sense.

But loneliness and tragedy aren’t exclusive to anyone. Katelyn certainly knew all about that, but no one else saw her scars. Not even her cat. Who would save her?

Does everyone deserve a second chance in life, or just some?

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