$FREE on 3/24/2018 – Mountain Man’s Baby Plan by Nikki Chase 1

Seven years ago, the mountain man broke my heart.
I've managed to stay away from him . . . until now.

When my first relationship fell apart, I picked up the shattered pieces of my heart and left my hometown, hoping college would help me forget about Eli.

Now that I’m back home, he looks even more gorgeous than I remember. His big, sculpted body and his dark, intense eyes remind me of the hot, stolen moments we used to share.

I try to avoid him, but nothing ever goes according to my plan.

My car breaks down miles away from town, right in front of his cabin. The cabin—the one filled with vivid memories of our secret rendezvous.

At least, the cabin is empty. And I’m cold, so I shed my wet clothes and sit by the fireplace. But just as I start to enjoy the crackling flame, the door bursts open. It's Eli.

As if that’s not bad enough, a sudden snow storm means we’re locked in here together. Just me, him . . . and the palpable chemistry between us.

Next thing I know, he's got his strong arms wrapped around me and he kisses me like a man starved. The way he grabs my waist as he yanks me flush to his sculpted chest . . . The enticing words he whispers in my ears . . . The way he completely dominates my body and soul . . .

I can't deny it. I want to submit. I want to give in to this bittersweet temptation. Even if there's no way this will last. Even if this will ruin me.

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