$FREE on 7/7/2023 – INVOKED by Jessica Gomez

Their cave family survived the apocalypse, but now it’s time to survive the creatures it created.

When Mason was bitten, he thought his fate was sealed for the worst, but now he realizes it’s only the beginning. While Mason and his friends hunt the Infected, he begins to have the strangest dreams. Dreams about the Infected and the humans they hold in captivity, and how his bite now connects him to these unimaginable creatures.

Lillie and Ian have settled into life at their cave with the new baby, but premonitions still haunt and warn her. Ian will stop at nothing to protect his own so when tracks are found he’s the first to volunteer to investigate. Following the prints, Ian discovers it’s a group of humans but the Infected have already attacked.

While Ian brings the surviving group back to their cave, Asher, Deagon, and Quinn start to become concerned about Mason. It’s as if he’s in a trance and no one can lure him back to his senses. When Mason goes missing, his friends follow his trail only to stumble into the Infected’s territory and finding their friend amidst the horror, with a beautiful girl by his side.

Secrets are revealed, making it clear that the apocalypse was only the beginning. The infected haven’t only evolved, but have developed the ability to invoke… making them more dangerous than ever before.

Two groups, one cave, and an army of Infected… is there a way to survive?

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