$FREE on 6/9/2023 – EVOLVED by Jessica Gomez

They survived the apocalypse, they survived the aftermath, but can Lillie survive being captured by the Infected?

Ian’s heart is ripped to shreds as Lille’s screams echoed into the hills. The Infected dragged her off into the darkness, streaks of blood the only remnants of her trail. Ian will stop at nothing to find her, even if it means losing his sanity during a brutal winter on the mountain. But when her trail is covered with snow and her screams abruptly silenced, Ian wonders if there will be anything left to find.

Lillie awakes in the company of the Infected. She’s being imprisoned in their confines, an unpredictable situation at best. Unsure of why she’s being kept alive, only an unlikely alliance and her premonitions give her the strength and hope to survive.

The Infected have evolved, regenerating forgotten traits, but the constant instability in their pecking order leaves Lillie vulnerable to their impulsive bursts of outrage. It’s only a matter of time before Lillie falls victim to their bloodthirst unless she escapes. She only has her visions to rely on, and they begin to lead her down a confusing path with an unthinkable outcome.

With the Infected growing stronger and wiser, will Lillie ever have a chance at escape? Can Ian puzzle the pieces together before it’s too late?

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