$0.99 on 7/6/2022 – Caught in the Middle by Lydia Hall

If I’d known how things would unfold, I never would have hired her. 
Jessica went from being my personal assistant to my obsession pretty quickly. 

All it took was a single glance at the office… 
And when I saw how good she was with my son, it was game over. 
I knew there was something there.
Something beyond just how I felt with her inside the bedroom. 

But Jessica isn’t prepared to be a part of my life. 
She would never be able to handle my toxic ex. 
A custody battle was already ruining my life. 
And a new relationship would only add to the existing trouble. 
I know that and yet, here I am… still pursuing her. 
Even more now that I can sense her pulling away. 

Jessica is hiding a secret. 
A secret that would make us family forever… 
It took me a long time to realize that Jessica is the love of my life. 
But is she ready to face that truth?

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