$0.99 on 6/2/2023 – Triple or Nothing by Ajme Williams

The only thing Pierce Jackson hates more than losing… is surprises.
And the only thing I hate? Him.
He owns the rival hockey team, which makes him my archnemesis.
To be fair, it’s hard to not be grumpy when you have a baby unexpectedly left on your doorstep.
This new single dad doesn’t need any more surprises in his life.
And I didn’t plan on giving him any until…  
We made a mistake that one night that shouldn’t have been repeated.
But it did repeat… many times.
My career as a coach for my team takes a backseat when I daydream about his electric touch.
But the storm that’s coming is even more unimaginable.
It starts with the stick in my hand.
These two pink lines will bring three babies.
And that’s when my hot enemy will find out that he’s about to have triplets with me.
If one surprise shook his world… I wonder what three would do.

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