$0.99 on 12/8/2023 – Four Firemen for Christmas by Ajme Williams

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been rescued from a job search by four hunky firefighters…

Just me?

I guess that’s this year’s Christmas miracle…

I need a job—desperately. That’s how I find myself in a coffee shop right before Christmas, frantically searching… Until a freaking fire breaks out, and my determined self is dragged out of the burning building by four irresistible firemen.

Suddenly the job doesn’t seem as important as the four alpha males devoted to bringing me to safety.

Derek is young and… well let’s say, drop dead freaking gorgeous. I think he likes the danger, or it seems to follow him around… But he would never leave a friend behind in the line of fire.

Alex is smart, quiet and thinks about his actions before he makes a move. But his calculated attitude makes me crazy… I want to sass my way into his carefully curated routine.

Samuel likes to win. He is constantly one-upping and besting his friends. And why he gets even more competitive when it comes to me. Not that I’m complaining.

Henry doesn’t stop at being in charge… He wants to be in control. I can’t help but respect him… and want him, despite our twenty-year age gap that should keep me away.

The four men come together to get me a job at their fire station. But where there’s heat, there’s fire… And the next thing I know, this sassy, sweet, curvy girl—me—is falling for all four firefighters…

And pregnant by one of them in time for Christmas…

FOUR FIREMEN FOR CHRISTMAS is a why choose Christmas-themed spicy standalone. Bring on the heat with this festive story (comes with a sweet pregnant heroine)!

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