$0.99 on 12/8/2020 – The Slot by Colleen Charles

She's hell on heels. From the moment we meet cute over powdered sugar, I yearn to melt the icicles dripping from her tailored tweed.

I'm the most badass center the NHL has ever seen, and my plus/minus ratio is inspiring. Almost as impressive as my chiseled body and ahem… other huge assets.

I can fire a shot from any angle that will make the opposing goalie scream for his mother. And when it comes to coming, I always light the red light.

But my desire for this off-limits front office suit puts my Hall of Fame career on the line.

I know I shouldn't get involved. It's too perilous. I can't fall for a someone like her.

But for the first time, a classy woman sees me. The real me. Not some millionaire playboy that leaves panting puck bunnies stranded in the stands.

But she's been hiding something from me – a secret that threatens to destroy us both. And so this soaring NHL superstar is actually worried.

Because the woman who I can see as the mother of my children is about to turn my world upside down.

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