$0.99 on 10/15/2019 – The Chaos Chasers MC Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by C.M. Marin

This boxed set includes the first three books in the Chaos Chasers MC series.

Book 1: NATE

She barged into my life out of the blue. Totally unexpected. Sweet and gorgeous. But one warm look from Camryn’s grey eyes, and one sweet smile thrown at me, has me on my knees. Doesn’t change the fact that I can’t have her, but that’s alright. I’ll keep drowning in her beautiful eyes and drinking in her soft voice until she has to leave town.
But then threats come her way, harming her while I can’t do anything to stop it, and the instinctive need to protect her kicks in. Whether she wants it or not, I won’t leave her side until I know she’s safe. And when she gives in to the attraction burning between us, I realize something. I don’t want to leave her side at all.

Book 2: JAYCE

The only girl to ever hold my heart in her hands is back in town. The news is like a blow from a hammer. It prevents any constructive thoughts from forming in my mind. All I can see is her. All I can think about is how I’ve missed her. All I know is that I have to keep her at arm’s length to protect her. From the threats still coming the club’s way, and from… me.
Alex has always had a bright light burning in her beautiful baby blues, and the last thing I need is to smother it with the darkness that settled in mine when every last member of my family was murdered.
But the lines I drew back then quickly blur when the Spiders threaten her directly, forcing us to get ready for a possible war. More than ever, I wonder if keeping her close to me, instead of pushing her away, is the right thing to do.
Did I make the worst mistake shoving her out of my life? Maybe. But does it really matter now, when she’s so guarded that her heart has most likely irremediably shut down to me?

Book 3: BEN

I wanted a taste of those lips the first time they got sassy on me. Sexy as hell. And I got that taste soon after. I’m kind of gifted like that. Well, except when it comes to making Colleen mine, apparently. I’m hitting a damn wall here. Stubborn girl.
I’ve given her time, patiently waiting for her to quit holding back and acknowledge her feelings for what they are. But when the club’s enemies set their eyes on her and I almost lose her, I’m done waiting.
She’s mine. It’s time she opens her eyes and accepts it.

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