$0.99 on 1/9/2023 – The Boss’s Secret by Lydia Hall

I should’ve known that a one-night stand with the hottest man in the room would come back to haunt me later. 
Years later…

I had put the night behind me – or so I thought. 
Maxim had a way of making me swoon for him at that party where I first met him. 
His arrogance worked in his favor and I fell right into his arms when he pulled me toward him. 
The memory of his rough touch came rushing back when I saw him again – this time at a job interview. 

Maxim was about to be my new boss. 
It was nothing I couldn’t handle… at least, that’s what it looked like on the surface.
Turns out, I didn’t know the first thing about Maxim Mikhailov. 

It was only after I fell into his bed again that I realized how dangerous his life was. 
Did I like the thrill? Maybe. 
But did I also want to stay alive? Definitely. 

It wasn’t just my own life that was on the line anymore. 
I was carrying Maxim’s baby, and he would have to make a decision that had the power to shatter his existence to the core. 

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