$0.99 on 4/15/2018 – Stepbrother Masquerade – Bundle Edition by Sasha

Part One:

Lila has known Ethan first as an enemy, then as her stepbrother since they were thirteen years old, and has hated him ever since. With just one more year left to go of high school, both will soon be on their way to college in separate states, and neither can wait to get the hell away from the other one — though for very different reasons.

But things begin to change for the better (and worse) one night during their “Welcome Back!” masquerade ball when Ethan’s best friend points out that out of all the girls he’s ever slept with, he still never managed to make it with the “Last Virgin on Earth” and one of Lila's best friends, Naomi Sacks. Never one to back down from a challenge, Ethan bets that he can have her in bed before the night is over. Unfortunately, he has no idea that Naomi and Lila are wearing the exact same costume, or that his conquest went home early.

When Ethan pulls her aside and removes his mask, Lila decides to keep quiet and pretends to be Naomi in the hopes of learning what his plans are for her best friend. But the moment he suggests going up to his room, she begins to have second thoughts. That is until he kisses her.

After giving into temptation with her dreaded stepbrother and realizing her feelings of deep seated hatred might have been something else all along, Lila wrestles with the idea of coming clean to Ethan about who was really behind the mask that night, or keeping their one night of forbidden passion to herself for the rest of her life.

Part Two:

In part two of the Stepbrother Masquerade serial, find out how the hot-for-each-other stepsiblings Ethan and Lila cope after their one night together. Will they confess their feelings for each other? Or decide that moving on from something that may destroy everyone else around them is for the best?

Part Three:

This is the final part of the Stepbrother Masquerade serial in which Lila and Ethan decide if being together is worth the risk of losing the two people they care about the most.

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